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On-Line Visits with Uncle Chris the Clown 

If you live out of town or just aren't sure

 about having company over yet 

then the On-Line way to have fun

is the best way to get Uncle Chris 

to entertain your kids!

And Apparently it's not just for kids​

Surprise 50th Birthdays, 40th Anniversaries, or maybe just because we need a break from this Pandemic and just want to sit down and laugh with the family. What ever your reason is, I will do a personalized show to bring back some normality to these Crazy times!

I will talk to your children and do a Funny Magic Show

and your child will be able to do the Magic with me!

 We will have fun as I just be my silly old self.

The cost for this will be $75 for 30 minutes or $100 for a 45 minute show

All payments can be done by e-transfer so no germs are passed back and forth.​​

I'm doing this to put some well needed smiles on everyone's faces!​​ 😁


I have adopted a PAY WHAT YOU CAN deal. So that means just because you can't afford me doesn't mean that your kids do without. If you can pay my rate then great but if you have to pay less then that is okay too just let me know.  No strings attached just Pay What You Can :0)

Contact Me


Email Address*


$75 for a 30 minute on-line visit

(or just pay what you can)

$100 for a 45 minute on-line visit

And all payments can be done by

e-transfer so no germs are passed back and forth.

If you have a Mac or I Pad

we can use Facetime

For everything else there's Zoom

Any other questions....just ask!

Call (250) 318-3976

or just fill the form out on the left

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