Uncle Chris the Clown

Kamloop's Favorite Clown!

"Clowning around since the last millennium" (1999)

It's back... and as Crazy as every

It's my 19th annual Valentine's "Fun"-Raiser 

For 19 years now Uncle Chris the Clown has been bringing out his alter-ego

"The Ambassador of Love"

for Valentine's Day and donating half of what he raises to charity
This year he'll be doing just that and once again donating to

 "Variety the Children's Charity"

So why not have Uncle Chris deliver a Special Valentine's to your Special Someone?

Uncle Chris the Clown will show up to your Valentine's work,
school or home to deliver your Valentine greeting 
a cute and cuddly stuffy, 
a beautiful carnation from Kamloops Florists,
a tasty chocolate and an original
Uncle Chris the Clown Balloon Animal
 all for only $75 of which half will go to Variety the Children's Charity! 

It's a win-win situation for all!

Why not have me come surprise your kids at school?  They'll be the coolest kids in the class :0)
What better day to have me...
Uncle Chris the Clown show up to surprise
Your loved one at their work... 
You love them but come on... 
You wanna embarrass them a lit bit too right?
With the help of  K97.5  & Kamloops Florist
Uncle Chris the Clown hopes to raise over $750 this year
by doing as many deliveries as those Big Clown Feet will let him!

And here are some picture perfect memories!

A Valentine Video from 2010

( just before the Winter Olympics were about to start )

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-What day do you want me (Feb 12th or 14th)

-Valentine's name

-Address of where they will be

-Time that they will be there

-Phone number to get a hold of you that day

-Special info such as...

will they be away for lunch?

do I need to see someone there first?

is the Valentine just from you or others too?

is there something special that you want me to say?


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After you've fill out your form wait until you get a confirmation email from me


If you don't get a confirmation email from me then I haven't got your info and your delivery is not booked!

After that you can pay by email transfer to [email protected]

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