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Who is this Clown?

My name is Uncle Chris the Clown and I have been Clowning Around in Kamloops and all over BC for over 20 years now.

I do Birthday Parties and large and small events of any kind.

If you are looking for someone to entertain a small group, a large group, a young group or an older group then you have come to the right place because there isn't really anything that I can't do!

Feel free to check out all my pages on this site to see what all of my services are. And with everything going on these days I have come up with some Social Distancing Birthday Solutions too

          "Uncle Chris on-line, On-Lawn or in-house Visit"

on line

You can still have me entertain your family in a Safe and Fun way by doing it Virtually!  I have set up my "Clown Studio" and will do a  30 min Magic Show for $75 or a 45 minute Magic Show for $100 where you can still help me out by doing the Magic with me!  

Plug your laptop into the TV and have the whole family all sit around in your own home for an Uncle Chris the Clown Show!

It's the Safest way to keep your Children Entertained when Special Days happen!


I will come to your home, set up on your lawn and entertain your family as they are all safe and cozy in your own backyard. It's an Uncle Chris the Clown Lawn Party!

For a 30 minute visit the cost will be $150 but I know everybody (including myself) are experiencing tougher financial times right now so I am going to adopt a PAY WHAT YOU CAN deal. So that means just because you can't afford me doesn't mean that your kids do without. If you can pay my rate then great but if you have to pay less then that is okay too just let me know.

45 minute show is $175 and a full hour is $200 all taxes included on everything!

in house

But if the weather is just not complying with your schedule then I still can come indoors when appropriate

and do a fun but safe visit in your home.

- I set up my suitcase in a corner of the room and stay in my 6-10 foot Clown-Bubble

- I do not have children come up to help me do a magic trick.

  They can still do the magic but from where they are sitting.

- If you allow me to, I will still make balloon animals after I have sanitized my hands and balloon pump.

- If required I can also wear a mask or face-shield.

  Unless things take a real turn for the worse I would like to still offer my services to come out and       entertain you and your family :0)



Contact me by filling the form out or email


Email Address*


$75 for a 30 minute Virtual Party 

$100 for a 45 minute Virtual Party

                         - OR -

$150 for a 30 minute Party (or what you can afford

$175 for a 45 minute Party

$200 for a 1 hour Party

  These are my Kamloops prices 

   For out of town prices click here

 Any other questions...just ask!

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