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You picked the Clown.....Yeah!!!!!

( Don't worry... Clinton's web-site probably says "You picked the Magician.... Yeah!!!!! )

But it doesn't matter which on you choose because either way you can't go wrong....

Well unless you meant to hire Clinton W. Gray for a Coulrophobia (fear of Clowns) Convention and hired me instead... Yikes!

But other than that.... YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!

If it's a Clown that you want for your special event then look no further

Uncle Chris the Clown has been at 100's of Fairs and Festivals

Done numerous grand Openings, been involved with dozens of Fund raisers and of course has performed at 1,000's of Birthday Parties!

He is well-loved and well-known throughout BC and is the Perfect Comical Magical Entertainer for stage shows and roving throughout the crowds!

But if it's a Magician that you want then Clinton W. Gray is the guy for you!

He is a Comedy Magician that works the crowds from large corporate events with his award winning stage shows to roving around the fair grounds doing amazing slight of hand tricks for all who pass by.

With 25 years experience you can't go wrong with Clinton!


If it's both of us that you want then we'll even give you a better deal!

The "Clown & Magician" have worked together at numerous events including

The North Thompson Fall Fair

Williams Lake Harvest Festival

Kamloops Children's Art Festival

And now at The BC Wildlife Park!

Contact either one of us to discuss what we can do for your special event together and get twice as much Bang for your Buck! (and Laughter too)

CHRIS (250) 318-3976 -or- CLINTON (250) 818-8677

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