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This Clown does a lot more than just birthday parties

Fairs & Festivals

A typical day at the Fair would have Uncle Chris do two or three Comedy/Magic stage shows.

And then when he's not on stage performing, he would be at his Clown Tent making Balloon Animals and playing his Silly Clown games with all of the children. 


No that's not a typo...Uncle Chris turns a Fundraiser into a "Fun"raiser just by being there. If you want large crowds at your event just advertise that Uncle Chris will be there and it will happen! He will also help you get the word out through his social media and supply pictures for any of your advertising.

(Discounted rates available)

Schools & Churches

No matter how large or small your event is Uncle Chris the Clown will work with your budget to make it feasible to have a professional entertainer at your function!

(Discounted rates available)

There really isn't an event out there that couldn't use the expertise and charisma that Uncle Chris the Clown provides when he is doing what he does best.....

And that's

Clowning Around!

Check out some Fun and Excitement with

Uncle Chris the Clown!

2024 Rates on in town events

  Time      Regular      Schools/Fund-raisers

1 hour        $325               $300

2 hours      $625               $550

3 hours      $900               $800

4 hours      $1150             $1000

5 hours      $1375             $1200

6 hours      $1500             $1350

*Rates do not include 5% GST

Out of town Fairs and

All Day Events

$1750 first day

$1250 each additional day

*Rates do not include 5% GST


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