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For two years in a row Paul supported my cause by sending me to visit his lovely wife Pardeep at her work for Valentine's Day. Sadly Paul passed away last December and I did not get to continue the tradition. After Valentine's Day Pardeep's friend Angela contacted me and had me come out to see Pardeep and her two daughter's on Feb 29th since she did not get her traditional Valentine's greeting this year.

Angela and her husband kindly added another $100 donation to my "FUN"-Raiser in honour of Paul. Since my goal has always been to try and raise $1,000 for Variety the Children's Charity I would like to add yet a little more to make this year's donation $1,049 which is what Variety calls their Sunshine Coach Donation. Variety touches many hearts which includes this Clown's heart with the kindness of so many!

For 20 years now Uncle Chris the Clown has been bringing out his alter-ego

"The Ambassador of Love"

for Valentine's Day and donating 50% of what he raises to a charity

This year $750  $1,047 was raised for

"Variety the Children's Charity"

And he couldn't have done it with the help of

 K 97.5


Kamloops Florist

we raised $1047 this year by doing as many

deliveries as those Big Clown Feet would do!

And here are some pictures from this year!

Thanks for all the help Kamloops!

And here's a Valentine Video from 2010

( just before the Winter Olympics were about to start )

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